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PostHeaderIcon 4 Kids Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren’t

If the food industry wants to trick adults, that’s one thing. Grown ups know to simply go online and check the facts. They also don’t select their foods based on the cartoon characters on the box.


But, the fact that most foods masquerade as healthy and balanced children snacks is disturbing. Here are just few:


It’s the snack we grab when our kid wants a doughnut as a healthy alternative. Muffins also have those wholesome sounding names. Banana Nut. Morning Muffin. Cranberry bran. But guess what? Muffins in most big name grocery stores started at in between 150 and 250 calories but grew (like everything else) between 2 and 3 times the volume and now those planet-sized baked items you’re feeding your kids can contain up to 500 calories.

The real dealFor a similar fluffy, comforting texture and yummy taste, spread margarine and fruit jam on a toasted English muffin. You’ll cut the fat in half.

Fruit Snacks

These are some of the worst culprits. Most  fruit snack manufacturers have advertisements of adorable characters singing and popping these snacks in their mouths. I swear I won’t even need to look up a voice instructor in Los Angeles for my niece. She is getting her singing lessons by singing along to these advertisements! But, most of these contain very little actual fruit—maybe a condensed and consentrated version. But add all that sugar and the benefits of that dash of fruit are gone.

The real deal:Fill up a bag from those bins in the grocery store of dried fruits. Try dried out strawberries, kiwis or mangoes. They are totally chewy and bite-sized and oh-so-sweet without any of the artificial sugars.


Frozen Yogurt

You stop by a Fro-Yo place when your childrens are begging for after school ice cream thinking you’re doing them a service. The problem is, a lot of frozen yogurts are lacking the healthy live active cultures that improve the immune system. Frequently, unless they are fat-free, they can have as much fat as regular old ice cream.

The real deal Keep an eye out for the “live and active” seal on yogurts from the National Yogurt Association and stick to sugar-free forms.


Rice Crackers

These can boast their mere 40 to 50 calories a cake but, rice crackers possess absolutely zero nutrition. Opt for a flavored variety and now you have zero nutrition plus a little additional sugar or salt.

The real deal If you} insist on purchasing these puffed up (literally and figuratively) snacks, smother protein and fiber-filled peanut or almond butter on.


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