Principal Qualifications
Baby Toddles Infant Care is not just your everyday day care centre for your child. We are unique in the sense that we recognize that babies have the outstanding ability to learn a significant amount whilst still in their infant stage, and unlike other day cares out there, we grasp this once in the child’s lifetime opportunity to educate and stimulate them as often as possible.

The Principal is qualified in various fields of infant and child education, such as an obtained 4-year Bachelor Degree in early child development and various other certifications such as infant education and stimulation.

Some of these qualifications are as follow:

  • Bachelors Degree In Early Childhood Education And Development
  • Registered With SACE (South African Council for Educators)
  • Infant And Child First Aid
  • Baby Stimulation And Development
  • Baby Massage
  • Baby Gym
  • Bachelors Degree and other qualifications

    The Principal not only has credible qualifications, but has also worked a number of years in primary and nursery schools and obtained a wealth of physical hands-on experience.

    At Baby Toddles Infant Care, you can rest assure that your child will be in professional hands at all times while surrounded by the best stimulation and education environment available!

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