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PostHeaderIcon Amazing Disney Theme From Kidsline Bedding

I am and will always be a Disney fanatic!  Ever since I was a little girl, I remember the joy that would fill the house when watching a classic Disney movie.  The songs, characters and storyline help mold a child’s imagination in life.  When I initially found out my partner and I were pregnant, I wanted to give the same experiences I had when I was a kid.  Which is why I decided to give my daughter’s nursery a wonderful Disney theme. 

Kidsline bedding helped me celebrate this monumental time in my life.  I received a number of referrals for Kidsline bedding because of the wonderful themes, top quality material and vast selection.  My heart just dropped once I came across the Disney Friendship crib bedding set.  A wave of nostalgia emerged as the inner child in me recalled the many playtimes with Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Christopher Robin in the 100 Acre Wood Forest.  I couldn’t have thought of a bette baby bedding theme to share with my child. 

Now that Kidsline bedding has solved my nursery theme dilemma, I took a panoramic view of the room and started to picture nursery décor items that would complement the baby bedding.  I journeyed back to my old pal Google, and found a Disney Friendship musical mobile with the entire gang.  What a great accessory.  Pooh Bear and all his close friends dancing together, putting my babye girl to sleep.  To brighten up the room, I found an adorable matching hand-painted lamp bottom and shade.  If that wasn’t adorable enough, I found a matching rug, hamper and wall decals.  I think I know what to put on my Baby Registry!

Kidsline bedding does such an amazing job fulfilling every parents’ special desire.  I may have vicariously embellished my nursery through the inner child that lives in me, but it is something that I understand my child can enjoy and a bond between us which I comprehend we will treasure.  For every parent-to-be out there, you understand what’s best for your precious little one.  Don’t be afraid to explore your inner child.  


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