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PostHeaderIcon Balancing Life As A Single Parent

Having to go through the hardships of parenting a child, developing and nurturing him, alone is a very tough assignment to have. Normally, you see two individuals sharing the load of child care that is already a challenge for many couples. Going through this journey alone means that you have to provide for every facet of your child’s development with no one to turn to that has the same emotional investment as you. The nuclear family is one that has mommy, the gentler spirit that takes care of the home and daddy, who loosens his tie at the end of the day. Single parenting is such a unique challenge because of the gender disparity. A mother can not entirely understand how to be a father and can come short in the more masculine influences in a child’s life.

To properly mature, it is accepted knowledge that the different roles in a nuclear family fills very different needs in a child’s life. This does not say that single parents can not fully develop their child, but the task becomes herculean. See, the main thing is, the child only has one person to turn to and that one person has a very limited set of traits to bequeath the kid. There is no one to give your child the other side of the story. This can be dangerous to his progress. So know the many factors that affect your child’s progress. The missing parental figure should be replaced with the right mix of influences for your kid to grow up right.

The other challenge is very physical in nature. Working to provide for your kid means that you need to be paid enough to give him the life he deserves. The office and the home are two very different areas that are tasking enough to balance when you have a partner. Alone, the juggling act does not just feature bowling pins, but bowling balls and running chainsaws too. Fact of the matter is, being able to fulfill all the needs of your child while making sure that you perform at work so that you provide for the both of you the best way possible is a task that is an inch short of superhuman. So make sure that you take advantage of all the assistance you can get by knowing the single parent grants you can grab. Get as much help as you can, you need it.


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