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PostHeaderIcon Children seem to show in their behaviour a most magical inbuilt soul

It’s challenging to imagine that a 2 year old child can inspire, thrill, mesmerize, treat and uplift lots of people all at once. Children possess some internal charm in them that intrigues us grownups. For youngsters to just remain in before you looking all warm and simple does it all. It’s just like viewing something amazing and nostalgically amazing all simultaneously – it takes you to another world – the soul’s arena that you suddenly see your self perched there watching, – absolutely fascinated by what’s happening in front of you. But it is probably not extraordinary or anything out of this world – it’s just them being themselves, with their innocent, trustworthy, unsuspecting, soul and the purity of that is something truly amazing.
It is a planet I understand for me I have absolutely lost access to. I’ve changed very perfectly to surviving the superficial/soulless daily life I live. In fact I hunger for my superficial lifestyle – I’m addicted to it and I don’t wish to think too seriously concerning anything. My world is around arriving at work on Monday and making up ground on whatever we all performed over the weekend break, exactly where we went, exactly who we caught up with, who we hooked up with, virtually any chat, any new clothes we got, enjoy the new shoes or boots, intend to obtain a more next weekend break. Then onto coffee and work plus emails and work cell phone calls and text message and work and electronic mails and work plus text and lunch break and work and email messages and work and espresso and work and leave work, work out, workout, exercise, residence, washing, wine, cook, wine, TV, wash-up, wine, shower, tea, teeth, bed. Seeing this daughter made me realize what sort of particular person I could have grown to be.
But I used to be a small child too so I must have known about that world once also, but I guess that is the total tale of becoming an adult – you drop that innocence and it’s trust and generosity and love and your soul does get corrupted – you suffer from the human condition to the point were adults and children are like very different types of humans – one still living and one dead on their ft and now I’m in this case where this little girl looks like she’s another varieties to me. Let us imagine if this little girl could in a way keep hold of the elegance and reality inside them and stay connected with their soul and the magic in their blameless world-could you just consider that!


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