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Touching the baby while its within the mother’s womb is usually an exciting thing. You may have now noticed that once a mother starts developing the baby, her tummy swells and everybody is enthusiastic to touch it. Everybody becomes instantaneously enthusiastic about a swollen tummy. They all wish to handle it. Your friends and families are generally bound to rub your tummy whether your sitting in a restaurant, walking around in a store or on the street. Find the best tips about mother and child care at maternal care.

If you believe you’re getting nuts about it then take a look at your husband. He may seem calm on the outside, but on the inside he’s probably mentally killing anyone who touches you. Talk with your spouse and see how he feels. Your husband may not really enjoy the idea that other men are touching you, even if you’re okay with it.

He may not care if it is a girl touching your body but he can mind about a guy. Think about how you would feel if you observed some woman rubbing her hands all over your husband’s chest. You can not possibly enable anyone to touch your baby. You and your husband should arrive at an agreement. Clothed or not, your belly is still a personal space. Before having someone touch your belly, you should make sure you’re allowing them to do it. Or better, your husband should allow it too. If you don’t want them to touch it, tell them. There are women who prefer not having their tummies touched or be seen just by anybody. And her decision must be respected. They may be embarrassed because they gained a lot of pounds. Sometimes it’s simply because she likes more privacy. 

Children may also want to touch the belly, normally it is because they know someone that has had a baby and they were able to do it. If you don’t like it, let them know. However, most mothers are thrilled of having another kid touched their belly. You can put their hands on your tummy. Children tend to get excited and actually smack the belly when they are trying to reach for it.

Forget about the rubbing the belly for a moment, be careful that you don’t get the person that likes to poke at it. They wouldn’t know how painful it is for the mother. If you’re the mother, explain to them that the act is hurting you and the baby. People may not think it hurts. Instead, they’d think you jumped because the baby kicked and not because of the pain. Telling them it hurts may discourage them from doing it again to you or others.

If nothing seems to work, it’s about time you ask your husband to start swatting. Husbands are sometimes good bodyguards, especially when you’re pregnant. Do this after you’ve given them a warning. Don’t feel bad if you smack a person that lifts up your shirt in broad daylight either. It’s perfectly normal to do that. They wouldn’t do it if you weren’t pregnant.

Find the best tips about mother and child care at Toronto parenting.


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