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PostHeaderIcon Exactly how I Solved a Major Individual Problem Using a Paternity Test

I was worried shortly after the birth of my wife’s first kid that my “son” wasn’t really my son. I love my spouse very much, but I took one look at the baby in her arms and didn’t feel he was mine. I felt guilty about feeling that way at first, but as time passed my sensations didn’t alter.


I have blond hair and a very light complexion. My spouse additionally has light-colored hair and pale skin. Yet the child had dark hair and a very dark olive complexion. No one in my immediate household has dark hair or a dark skin tone. It simply didn’t appear to fit.


After lots of sleepless nights, I finally acknowledged to myself what I was afraid of: The child was another guy’s kid. I trusted my spouse, however I simply couldn’t ignore exactly what I was seeing right in front of my eyes. At first I simply pretended everything was all right, however as time passed, the sensation that something was wrong continued to grow.


One year later and the boy was growing up healthy and strong. He was following all the typical developmental landmarks, and I was pleased with his progression. However still, I couldn’t bring myself to bond with him entirely, and I started asking myself whether or not I wanted to get a discreet paternity test.


The choice to obtain a  paternity test was a painful one, but in the end I decided it was worth it. After much consideration, I called a laboratory that specialized in paternity tests and asked them about their fees. I thought they charged a reasonable quantity for the examination, so I took the boy in and had some samples taken.


I can bear in mind just how distressing it felt having to hang around to get the outcomes back– exactly how it felt like I simply couldn’t bear to hang around at all. But I did hang around, and, at some point, the examination outcomes came back. The boy wasn’t my son.


I didn’t inform my wife immediately. I simply let the information stew in my head for about a week. I thought about exactly what she had done, and, more significantly, what I was going to do about it. I couldn’t seem to consider any clear answer.


After I informed her, she merely broke down crying. She accepted she hadn’t been one hundred faithful and had accidentally gotten pregnant with yet another guy’s youngster. She asked me if I wished a divorce.


By this point in time, I was incredibly angry with my spouse, but I had actually begun to adore the boy. So, I informed her that I didn’t want a divorce, and I would certainly assist raise the boy. She appeared delighted about that, and, after a failed attempt to talk to the boy’s biological father, we renewed our commitment to our marriage and went on with our lives.


I’m glad I had the paternity examination done since it enabled me to discover the truth about my son’s paternity, and it also assisted me to solve a severe individual issue. Things worked out in the end, and I’m unsure they would certainly have without the help of a paternity examination.


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