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PostHeaderIcon Expecting Moms Love Getting Boy Baby Bedding as a Gift

Do you know of someone who is having a little boy? Baby bedding makes a stellar baby shower gift!

If you want to bless someone with boy baby bedding, make sure to check their registry first. Ask the parents or the person throwing a baby shower exactly where the expectant mom and dad have registered. New parents typically have an idea of how they desire the new baby boy’s room to look and may have previously picked something special out. If they have, then your job of purchasing boy baby bedding (try saying that 5 times fast!) is finished. You may even be able to make the purchase online from the convenience of your home.

That is, unless somebody else has already satisfied that baby registry item. As an alternative, you could purchase crib sheets, lovies (those adorable tiny stuffed animals with a blanket attached), and swaddling blankets in complementary colors to the theme chosen by the new parents. Organize them artfully in a coordinated basket, and now the new mom and dad are ready for any middle of the night sheet changing crisis that may come along. Everybody needs extra bedding and it makes a great present.

A point to bear in mind when buying additional sheets is to know what size crib or bassinet the parents are utilizing. Regular crib sheets are too large for a mini or portable crib and would present a strangulation hazard if they were not used on the intended mattress size. Discreetly ask around to see which pieces of baby products they will be using.

You might also take into account whether or not they will be coordinating the baby boy bedding with that of an older child. Some families prefer to put younger kids in the same bedroom as a somewhat older sibling. This won’t always be the case, but it is good to know how the family will arrange it all before you buy an item that’s not on their registry list.

If you do not know what bedding the family will be utilizing for their new baby boy, make up a gift with basic colors – white, beige, khaki, shades of blue or green will all match quite a few modern baby boy bedding sets.

Last but not least, you could decide to buy coordinated blankets for the changing table pad, pillows (to be used when the baby is a little bit more mature), or nursing pillows. Anything that may be in the room should coordinate with the boy baby bedding.


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