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I don’t have a daughter; so technically, I really don’t have a little girl’s room at home. But I have been designing and helping to decorate rooms drab room of some of my friends and my family more often. I’m not really an interior designer, but hey, I have enough knowledge to turn any room into a fairyland, or an enchanted forest, or just whatever you’re thinking.

So now I’ll share some things I’ve learned from my passion to spice up any boring room. So, interior design guru, do not read on, I might bore you to tears. Newbies, neophytes, frustrated interior-designer-to-be’s, enjoy! You can learn a thing or two from a neophyte as well.

Keep it light and simple. Personally, since we are talking about a girl room here, I would suggest using a light, pastel colors. These are a total classic. The best options are: pink, powder blue, pastel yellow, and the like. There should be light colors, you can also combine the different color palettes to make room for a refreshing change! In this way, the whole room would give an aura of happiness, energy and “girlyness”.

Furniture should kid-friendly, and safe. wooden toyboxes, bookshelves, cabinets, study tables should have well-rounded corners to avoid accidents. I’ve seen the Butterfly Storage Toy Box online, and believe me, it’s the best thing you can get for your girl’s room. It blends well if you have a butterfly-themed room and you can hand paint flowers, butterflies, and leaves on the wall as well to get a garden-look.

Floors should be slip resistant and easy to clean. You can also choose to use as a rubber mat game that is easy to clean, too. That way, you can have your little girl to play on the mat safely and without having to worry about cleaning it afterwards.

Do not use a really harsh light. These tend to hurt the eyes, and create a not-so-comfy aura in the whole room. It’s best if you use soft lighting. You can use hanging lights which is available in different shapes and sizes for your needs.

Teddy bears, dollhouses, all kinds of toys! Go ahead and fill her room with lots of toys. Make sure to have it well-organized and cleanly piled to avoid a mood swing. Here’s where the butterfly storage toy box comes in handy. Stash and pile them neatly to be an added décor.

Now, as a finishing touch, don’t forget lace curtains and flowers! These increases more feminine and more  girly effect in your girl’s room. Apply the above and your little girl will not want to step away from her room … in the meantime.

Wooden Toddler Toys is the perfect place to find quality wood toyboxes like Butterfly Storage Toy Box. The online shop also has lovely furniture and accessories for the playroom and nursery schools as nap mats for preschool, racks and cubbyholes. Visit or call 888-WTTOYS8  to look through their wide selection of toys and furniture.


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