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PostHeaderIcon Hunting for a Unique Gift for Your Toddler Think about the Blankid Buddy

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your toddler, you need to take into account the child’s  needs and his interests. A toddler gift can be educational, practical or just plain fun. You’ll discover that toddlers, just as everybody else, often appreciate gifts that aren’t practical, such as socks or underwear, and enjoy those that are entertaining and sometimes educational. However, you don’t have to limit the gift items to traditional ABC sets or toys. Some practical gifts are also fun and educational.

One of them is the BlanKid Buddy. This unique toddler gift is really a huggable stuffed toy and more. It converts to items quite practical and stays the toddler’s best snuggly friend. You can use this unique toddler gift for a learning tool also. It’s for kids ages 3 to eight, so your toddler won’t outgrow the gift straight away

What does this unique item do besides provide a soft companion? First, it’s a backpack. Though it resembles a stuffed toy. It fits snuggly on the shoulders of the child and permits them to carry all of their precious items. This is particularly important if you are planning traveling. Too frequently, an airplane trip or perhaps a simple visit to the grocery ends in tear since the toddler needs something which interests him and keeps him occupied. Mom eventually ends up bearing the brunt of their frustation. Your toddler can stash those precious valuables in the backpack, lined which has a removable plastic bag. When he wants a toy, presto, he merely has to open his bag of stash to get it.

It doesn’t quit as being a practical toddler gift just because it’s a backpack. Your toddler is able to use it as a travel blanket or pillow when he has to nap. You just take away the plastic bag inside the backpack and cinch it closed, separate the cuddly animal’s arms held with a Velcro-like fastener, unzip zippers and it opens into a blanket while using animals arms holding the blanket securely over your son or daughter to keep your little one comfortably warm when you travel. You can also put it to use as a matt while using stuffed toy head acting as pillow for those long layovers at airports.

Teaching a young child responsibility is scary. You sometimes end up with tears or disasters. Using this toddler gift as a tool often has much happier results. Considering that the backpack fits snuggly on the little one’s shoulders, it’s with these continuously, which reduces the possibility of a lost item. He or she can carry everything in the backpack and the teaching part comes whenever you remind your toddler to return the items to the backpack when playtime is completed. Just a little praise upon arrival at home or your destination for keeping all their items safe reinforces the lesson.

BlanKid Buddy has three different friends from which to select. There’s Pailou, a Giant Panda from China, Makemba the Monkey from the Congo and Lulu the Ladybug who flew in directly from Yosemite National Park. This toddler gift is machine washable and triple stitched for many years of service. It received the award for the best new travel product at the Travel Goods Show for 2011 as well as the Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Products award. Additionally, if you’re a grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle, you’ll be able to feel at ease knowing your favorite toddler probably doesn’t have this unique gift for a toddler since it’s a completely new product.


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