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PostHeaderIcon Improving Fertility: How To Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

Some couples are lucky not to have any issues regarding fertility, but there are others who may find it more difficult to conceive. With advances in medicine, conception has already been possible for couples who are up against great odds. But before doctors can recommend a more aggressive approach, they must first look at the superficial factors that affect fertility.

It has long been established that smoking harmful to a person’s health. A lot of people do not take its ill-effects seriously, but it can really have a negative effect on one’s fertility. Smoking can significantly reduce fertility for both men and women, and it can also lower conception rates for couples. Low sperm count and poor sperm quality are just some of the effects of smoking on men. As for women, it can make conception harder.However, there is still hope for smokers. Research has shown that men, who gave up smoking, experienced an increase in sperm count of up to 800%.

Having a stress-free lifestyle may also be helpful when trying to concieve.We will always be surrounded by stressors, and although the links between stress and fertility are not yet clear, the number of doctors who believe it exists is increasing. There are studies that have shown that women were able to conceive, after they had therapies aimed at reducing stress.

There is also a need to examine your diet. Studies have shown that lack of nutrients is one of the reasons for fertility problems. The study pointed out that couples with fertility problems had a lower intake of food items rich in antioxidants. Vitamin supplements may also be helpful when trying to conceive. 100 mg of Vitamin C each day can increase sperm counts up to 140%. Likewise, Vitamin E and selenium have been found to improve sperm motility.

It may help if you consult your doctor regarding certain nutrients and plants, which have been found to boost fertility for both men and women. Talk to your doctor about which supplements you can use to increase your chances in conception. Store-bought supplements may come as a combination of essential nutrients and even herbs, which can aid in conception.

Obesity may also affect a couple’s attempt to conceive.Reducing weight is therefore a recommendation to those who need it. In some cases, keeping the daily caloric intake down may help improve fertility.   Losing as little as 5% weight for women with polycystic ovarian disease can encourage ovulation and pregnancy. This condition causes women to have irregular ovulation cycles, excessive male hormones and insulin resistance. Women having this disease do not ovulate regularly and may possess too much male hormones, as well as insulin resistance.

It may also be a good idea to keep away from substances which may affect your conceiving capability. Pesticides containing methoxychlor, have also been found to reduce testosterone levels, and it can also impair the function of the reproductive system of a woman. It’s important to avoid these chemicals to prevent further fertility issues.

Getting more sleep may also be good for your fertility. Although it is not official, studies have found that leptin, a hormone that controls weight and appetite, may play a role in female fertility.  Leptin levels may decrease due to lack of sleep, and studies have coincidentally found that some infertile women have low levels of this hormone. However, getting more sleep has not been established as a guaranteed way to increase leptin levels.

If you hare having problems conceiving, consult your health care provider to improve your odds. Couples may experience a lot of challenges when trying to conceive, but options are now available, to provide couples a great chance at becoming proud parents.

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