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Ladies and Gentlemen: the world is  a changing . More  importantly , the  realm  of  TV  is changing . And even more specifically, the  realm  of children’s television … is evolving . What I am talking about are the types of characters, subject matter, and  the types of stories  of cartoons  during the period when  my parents were kids verses the cartoons that my little sisters watch. Even the cartoons I watched as a kid were  a lot different   than  the cartoons  enjoyed my parents and sisters.

My  father was telling me the other  day  that she used to  enjoy  the cartoon “Strawberry Shortcake” when she was a  small   one ; a  made up little strawberry themed  character  that was featured onchildren’sgreeting cards and,eventually made intfigurines and various  trinkets .  In fact , Strawberry Shortcake resurfaced in 2009 as atelevisionseries; …it all  becomes full circle.

Now, when I was  little ,  growing up and getting older  in the late nineties (early two-thousands) – an example of a  popular children’s  television  show was The Wiggles. Imagine someone were to take the Beatles, and tried resetting all of their brains back to 1st grade, and then giving them all fluorescent long sleeve  t-shirts  … then you have  Wiggles. However, no children’s show creeps me out more than Yo Gabba Gabba , a show where the  featured characters  are giant mascot-like alien-looking creatures. Yo Gabba Gabba was  made  by Christian Jacobs;  frontman  of an punk rock band The Aquabats . The show is  ridiculous  ; filmed so  wacky  that it seems like a music video for MGMT –  Ironically,  MGMT is responsible for half of the  shows  soundtrack ! Even  Tony Hawk was featured on an episode. I went to my  family’s  house the other day and saw my sister playing with Yo Gabba Gabba toys; she lovesit. Honestly, the show speaks for itself so, all I’m going to say is: go  see  an episode, you won’t forget it.


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