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PostHeaderIcon Nappy Cake Instructions For Your Ease

Follow these simple nappy cake instructions to bring the darling diapers and their fancy accessories to your next baby shower event. These adorable creations are much easier than they look. Expecting mum and dad will be thrilled to receive so many nappies for their new baby and the pictures will be priceless. 

You should prepare to spend between one and two hours assembling your nappies into a cake display. The most tedious part of the process is rolling the diapers into individual logs and securing them with rubber bands. For a standard cake pattern you will need to use between sixty and seventy five diapers. These can be all newborn sized or they can vary in size. If you use more than one size diaper, you should use the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top layer to keep proper form.

Once all the nappies are rolled into cylinders, they can be arranged onto a circular platform and stacked into two or three layers. It is best to secure the layered nappies to a longer cylinder that is placed in the center of the cake platform, such as an empty paper towel roll and tied with either yarn or secured with a large rubber band.

When layers are assembled, the fun can begin. This is where you get to add decorative touches to your masterpiece. For a little boy, blue or green ribbon tied around the middle is a darling start. You may also wish to include blue clothes pins and wash cloths to be smartly tucked in between the layers of nappies on your cake.

 Adding hats or hair bows to the top of your cake will be darling, especially for a little girl. A ball cap and a few boy toys may be added to the top of a baby boy cake for a sports or outdoor theme. 

 Many people wrap their decorated nappy cakes in layers of sheer fabric such as tulle to create the finished look of a wrapped gift. Securing the wrapping fabric is necessary to keep it properly together. Fabric can look messy if it is not tied and secured properly. You may use pins or hot glue to create this look, but take caution not to damage any of the nappies as they are to be used by the new parents and their bundle of joy. 

 Themes that are most commonly used in these darling cakes are bath time or bed time, clothing or bedding, or feeding time. Complementary accessories can be added to the cake layers to create a total thematic unit. 

Once you have completed assembling all of your pieces and your theme is well established, curling some ribbon or placing some lace around spots needing coverage can help with your presentation. Remember that you are providing a centerpiece as well as a useful gift. These easy to follow nappy cake instructions will make your cake a hit.


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