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PostHeaderIcon No parent is perfect so stop worrying

Having your first baby on the way can conjure up feelings of excitement and apprehension. Even though you are looking forward to meeting your bundle of joy, you may also fear the thought of how to take care of him or her, and what to do if certain things crop up. You certainly do not want to do something wrong, so how do you overcome your fears and make sure your baby is well cared for? Here are some simple tips to get you on your way.

First, take a deep breath, relax, and realize that no one is perfect, and you are going to make mistakes, and have to learn as you go. This is perfectly acceptable and that is what grandma and grandpa are for; these people are excellent sources of information so do not be afraid to tap in. That being said, do not feel as though you have to listen to every single suggestion that comes your way either. You must learn how to keep a healthy balance between what you believe is right, and what others say.

Next, you will need to loosen up a bit and be somewhat flexible. Your new baby is the one who will set the pace, especially in the first few months. This means that you will find yourself sleeping when your baby sleeps at night, and doing chores when they take a nap. You will also find certain pieces of baby gear, such as a nursing chair, can provide great benefits for all involved.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to do something you want to do and take some time for yourself without the baby. This does not make you a bad parent; in fact, it can make you a better parent. Simple things such as a quick shopping outing, a date night with your spouse, or a new hair cut while grandma is watching the baby can lift your spirits and help you to feel more relaxed with your child.

Make sure you do not neglect your own health either. Even though you are completely focused on your new little one, and devoted to making sure he or she is getting everything that is needed, you also need to remember yourself and make sure you are getting what you need. Be sure to eat lots of healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and get as much sleep as you can whenever there is a quiet moment. If you are not at your best, and in great physical and emotional condition, you will not be able to provide your baby with the very best care.

Finally, as more time passes, you will learn exactly what your baby needs, and exactly when he or she needs it. You will know right away what every cry means, what every noise means, and what makes him or her the happiest. Once this happens, you will find that you are in fact a great parent, and you there is nothing else you would rather be doing.


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