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PostHeaderIcon Not Getting Pregnant The Second Time

You are the proud mother of a adorable little child. The way they look up to you with those big eyes and wondrous smile make you feel so wonderful to have them in your life. However, you still have a sense of pain as more than anything you would like to be able to give them someone to grow up with, but you’re finding this difficult to do. You might be feeling angry or frustrated at the whole ‘hustle up and wait’ scenario that seems to looming over your conception efforts. Not getting pregnant on the second go can be a bit of a let down.

Secondary Infertility

You may not realize it but there is a medical term for not getting pregnant a second, or third, time – it’s called Secondary Infertility. Approximately 60% of all infertility cases include the concern of secondary infertility. This rate continues to climb each year.

Since you already have a child, seeking assistance from a fertility specialist probably hasn’t even crossed your mind. Or, if it has, you’ve discounted it as being a little overly-desperate. Many women fear getting help, or even talking with doctors due to the prejudices that they sometimes feel. Considering the fact that they have already given birth, so why would infertility be in issue?

Most members of the medical community, and unknowledgeable friends and family members, may insist that since you already have a child, conceiving a second will just be a matter of time. This may not be true for everyone!

Causes Of Secondary Infertility

Doctors have found that some of the very same causes they find in Primary Infertility, can be found in Secondary Infertility cases as well. For many women it just takes longer for them to realize that they might have Secondary Infertility. If you conceived your first child when you were younger, trying to conceive a second child at an older age can be more challenging. This is many times due to the changes in your reproductive system over time, such as reduced egg quality. Other causes for concern are pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, or cysts.

If you have gained or lost a lot of weight, have a poor diet, experienced physical, or emotional trauma or have had an infection of any kind – all these things can play a role as to why you’re not getting pregnant.

Alternative Treatment Options

There are quite a few imbalances that can occur in your body both during a pregnancy and after childbirth that can have a harmful effect on your conception chances.  In order to better your chances of conception you will need to get to the bottom of these imbalances in order to cure your Infertility. There are many alternative treatment therapies that you can try at home to help you get pregnant. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine are a few of the most successful therapies.

In order to fully grasp all your choices, it is highly recommended that you do plenty of research in order to better asses the reason why you are not getting pregnant. These causes can vary from person-to-person so it is best to find a manual that covers all possible variations.


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