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As a parent, keeping an eye on what the kids are executing online is something that has to be done. For free parental control, and for the abiltiy to block sites, shut down your home PC right from your cell phone, and free alerts when your kids visit a site or content you do not want them visiting, choosing action alert software, is the best way to get free parental control of the home PC, anytime, and anywhere you may be. You can easily set up time allowances for when kids can be online, require key stroke login so you know what and when you rkids are on, get account activity alerts, and various other great features, when you choose the free action alert software.
Parents are going to have full access and know exactly what their kids are doing online via the free parental control action alert access. If you are away from home, you will have the acocunt set up to your cell phone, allowing you to get a text message alert when the kids are alone. This will either allow you to restrict certain sites or content that they are able to visit (or not visit), and you can even shut the home PC down, right from your cell phone, in the event you do not want them online at all if you are not in the home.
No matter what uses the free parental control are will be used for, selecting cost-free ActionAlert is the best option for dad and mom who need to be in control at all times. Whether you are home or not, and whatever articles you would want to stop from your youngsters as a PC, you will be capable to do when you look to the proper site for the free parental control features.


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