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PostHeaderIcon Parents need technology to keep kids safe online

Technological innovation has launched to us – and our children— some fairly extraordinary things over the last couple of decades, but with the know-how have also come real dangers and threats to young people.  And like the fast changes in technology, the challenges that dad and mom face are changing swiftly as well.  Only recently mother or father’s main concerns were related to what youngsters might see on the internet.  Parental control  meant obstructing content, much like Cable TV.  Now the most critical threats (and a good amount of the most disturbing and tragic consequences) have a lot more to do with what our youthful people are exposing to the rest of the world using technology and how they are using technology to target other users.

Social networking sites, video clip sharing sites, chat rooms –  which the experts dubbed “web 2.0” a couple of years ago (the idea, that computing ought to be much more of a two way street) has created an entire new set of complications – and these new issues are unique from anything mothers and fathers from previous generations had to cope with.

We’re parenting in a very special time.  Only in the last several years has it become feasible for an individual to transmit data regarding themselves or other folks to essentially millions of individuals using nothing more than a house PC or a web enabled phone.  For better or worse we’ve gladly given this amazing ability to youngsters and with very little advice or help on ways to use it responsibly.  We have empowered the types of bullies that a generation ago may say a thing bad regarding a victim to maybe 10 or 20 individuals so that they can now instantaneously say those things to thousands and thousands of individuals – and stay anonymous!

The mothers and fathers of today’s school aged youngsters are part of the first generation of parents to face these challenges – and progressive parental controls software technology options are necessary to assist mother and father.

Not parental management technological innovation created to take the place of excellent parenting, but to enhance it.  To empower mother and father to do which these folks do very best: Apply their parenting, steerage and wisdom to this rising and substantial component of our children’s lives.


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