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PostHeaderIcon Pregnancy Symptoms – Pregnancy: Common Symptoms

Pregnancy can be very confusing for most females as they attempt to find out no matter whether they’re truly pregnant. When they have missed period, they would most probably ask, “Am I pregnant?” Most females would not experience early pregnancy symptoms until the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, following days soon after conception. Additionally, you have to know the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing due to the fact one of the most typical pregnancy signs may also be indicative of other changes in the body or even a disease.

Positive Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test checks a woman’s urine or blood. Its primary role is to detect the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). hCG is produced by the placenta and when human chorionic gonadotrophin is present, it may well be a sign that a woman is pregnant. You’ve to wait at until no less than the very first day of a missed period.

Below is a list of the most common pregnancy symptoms week by week. You may encounter all, some, or none of these pregnancy signs.

Probably The Most Widespread Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed, Particularly Light Or No Period

Pregnancy bleeding from implantation is pinkish or brownish and not heavy. A regular menstrual flow ought to start light, turn out to be heavy, and then taper off again prior to ending. If you’re having a regular menstrual flow and suddenly it becomes late, it is worth attempting a pregnancy test. This symptom is the most dependable sign of pregnancy in a woman of childbearing age who has regular monthly periods. Additionally, pregnancy is possible even though you may have no symptoms other than this.

Food Cravings And Aversions

This could be a signs and symptoms of pregnancy. This just isn’t an independent indicative symptom. Nonetheless, if cravings are accompanied by some of other symptoms, there is a massive possibility that you might be truly pregnant. This symptom just isn’t uncommon for newly pregnant ladies to find usually acceptable or even pleasant smells repulsive and overpowering early within the pregnancy. The sense of taste also changes. Some women testify that they have a metallic taste in their mouth.

Nausea Or Vomiting

This is also referred to as morning sickness. Amongst the pregnancy symptoms, only about half of pregnant mums experience morning sickness and this can occur anytime of the day. This symptom can occur as early as two weeks soon after conception and usually disappears by the end of the third month of the pregnancy.


It’s one more of the most common early signs of pregnancy. This symptom is caused by the high levels of the hormone progesterone. It can be a hallmark of pregnancy, although possibly not an indicative symptom. Exhaustion will most most likely become less noticeable during the second trimester.

Breasts Swell Or Might Be Tender

Should you be pregnant, your breast may possibly grow to be increasingly tender to touch. The discomfort you experience in your breasts may possibly be comparable with what you really feel before your monthly menstrual period, only more so. Soon after the very first trimester, the discomfort ought to diminish considerably, as your body adjusts to the new hormonal levels.


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