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PostHeaderIcon Safety Regulations for Baby Cribs

The arrival of a new child is certainly to be celebrated, but is also something that should be prepared for. The first few years may seem like the most challenging, not just in terms caring for a helpless infant, but also in being able to communicate with the little one. This is why it is essential to create an ideal space that will be conducive to raising them. Having said that, one of the difficulties of designing and furnishing a baby nursery is ensuring the baby’s security, and baby cribs are amongst the most important considerations to think about when making preparations for that space for your new child. One must ensure that baby cribs, and other baby furnishings, are compliant with CPSC (Consumer} Product Safety Commission) enforced federal safety standards. As of now, federal requirements have been decided on and went into effect on June 28, 2011. These changes made it where crib manufacturers and merchants will no longer be allowed to sell non-compliant cribs.

These guidelines apply to both full-sized baby cribs and non full-sized cribs, and further extends to include daycare facilities and other facilities for public accommodation and went into effect on December 28, 2011. Many baby furniture manufacturers understand the importance of making sure that all cribs developed these days satisfy these standards. The JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) also recognizes this, and has conjured up certifications that will help point out if any baby cribs you are looking at meet the new requirements. JPMA certifications ensures that all baby cribs and other kids’s products are are to meet federal government requirements. There are also ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) that JPMA certification adheres to.

When purchasing baby cribs, it is essential to look for the ones that have previously been JPMA certified. This is why you must be discerning of cribs being offered at retail stores. It is crucial to note that no drop-side cribs will meet these new requirements, so if you just happen to locate one on the market, being sold online, then it would be smart to avoid it. Look for stores like Mini Tots that only carry JPMA certified baby cribs, which ensures your child’s crib satifies the requirements and will be safe enough for your youngster to comfortably sleep in while being confident of their safety. If you already have a crib, you may not necessarily be impacted by these standards, but it would do well to be able to adhere to them, so try to seek out known fixes over the world wide web to increase the safety of your little one’s crib.


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