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Keeping up with entertainment these days can be daunting task, not to mention keeping up with what you’re kids are watching! Trying to stay on top of what’s cool in your kid’s eye is hard to do, but at the same time so crucial to helping ensure strong development. Luckily, if your kids  are between the ages of 3 and 10, than one of these three children’s sing along shows may  may be what they think is cool !

The first is Yo Gabba Gabba. Though a somewhat more mature children’s show, Yo Gabba Gabba embodies the creative side of kids sing along songs today . The show can be seen on Nick Jr. and if you’re wondering what it’s about, well, it involves an excited singer and some wacky creatures, I’ll say that much . The show was actually created by members of the rock band the Aquabats and is generally regarded in the independent music culture as one of the more respectable sing along shows .

Another great sing along show gaining popularity this year is the Wiggles. The wiggles have been around since 1991, originally forming out of the disbandment of austrailian 80’s group, the Cockroaches .  Over the years they’ve gone through a few lineup changes, however, through those long years of being together, they’ve built an incredibly strong following among parents and kids . Putting on live shows with extravagant stage props and bright colors, these singers are certainly one of the most lively children’s entertainment group.

Another come back from the 90’s that’s making a second stand is Barney! That’s right, everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur. EThink about it, how cool was Barney in the 90s? What kid didn’t have a box full of Barney toys? The best part about Barney is by far the loveable songs he and his friends sing. Every episode’s a new adventure and jam packed with all kinds of different songs for the kid’s to sing.  If you’re looking for good wholesome sing along songs to share with your kids, Barney is certainly a great way to go!


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