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Having to go through the hardships of parenting a child, developing and nurturing him, alone is a very tough assignment to have. The nuclear family is one that has two adults that share the responsibility of child rearing and supervision and is hard enough as it is. Having to go through all the challenges that being a parent has alone, without any one to share the burden with, means that you take on all the responsibilities. Traditionally, there are two major roles, the paternal figure who is strong and disciplinarian and the maternal figure who brings class and warmth to the home. Single parenting is such a unique challenge because of the gender disparity. A mommy can not wear all of daddy’s shoes and a dad can not wear all of mom’s dresses.

To properly mature, it is accepted knowledge that the different roles in a nuclear family fills very different needs in a child’s life. This does not mean that single parents can not raise a well adjusted child, it just means that it is so much harder to do so. Can one person really give a child everything? There is no one to play the adjacent role. This can be a real challenge. So when it comes to raising a child by your lonesome, you should be aware of the many needs that have to be filled. The absent figure in his life should be well planned for and substituted.

The other challenge is very physical in nature. Working to provide for your kid means that you need to be paid enough to give him the life he deserves. The office and the home are two very different areas that are tasking enough to balance when you have a partner. But by yourself, the task becomes a study in the finer points of time management and priority setting. The balance between properly providing for your child financially and making sure that you bond with him or her as much as possible and be the guiding force in your kid’s life is a tight rope walk. So make certain that you stack as many cards in your favor by examining and applying for all the single parent grants that are made available to you. Make sure that you are in the best place you can be and that you have all the bases covered so that you go through this very challenging journey with all the necessary tools to help you and make things as easy for you as possible.


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