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PostHeaderIcon Some Of the Challenges Single Parents Face

Having to go through the hardships of parenting a child, developing and nurturing him, alone is a very tough assignment to have. The nuclear family is one that has two adults that share the responsibility of child rearing and supervision and is hard enough as it is. Being the only one to go through this journey, without any support from a partner, entails that you fulfill the many roles that your child needs to grow. Traditionally, there are two major roles, the paternal figure who is strong and disciplinarian and the maternal figure who brings class and warmth to the home. Single parenting is hard because of these very defined differences in tasks. A mommy can not wear all of daddy’s shoes and a dad can not wear all of mom’s dresses.

For a child to progress, there should be a myriad of influences in his life. It does not mean that single parents can not be effective, but that they will have to work overtime to fill all the needs. See, the main thing is, the child only has one person to turn to and that one person has a very limited set of traits to bequeath the kid. There is no one to contradict you. This can be dangerous to his progress. So know all the roles that need to be played. The missing parental figure should be replaced with the right mix of influences for your kid to grow up right.

The other challenge can be dealt with if you can split your body in two. Finances is one of the premiere concerns and if you are not a member of a wealthy family, then you will need to work to feed your kid. Work and family is challenging enough when you have someone to lean on to. Buy on your own, the challenge gives new meaning to the term having a too much on your plate. That ephemeral perfect balance in making enough money to keep him comfortable and being there enough to be an effective mom and dad can be likened to a unicorn: an almost surreal space that you simply can not find. So make certain that you stack as many cards in your favor by examining and applying for all the single parent grants that are made available to you. Make sure that you are in the best place you can be and that you have all the bases covered so that you go through this very challenging journey with all the necessary tools to help you and make things as easy for you as possible.


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