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PostHeaderIcon Stylish Wall Decor for a Baby’s Room by Lambs and Ivy

Decorating a space in preparation for the arrival of a new baby can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you are trying to provide as much visible stimulation as you can for the development of your little one. Luckily, Lambs and Ivy has an entire range of children’s products that goes so far as to incorporate options for decorating your walls. Adding visual pieces to the wall like a pink and brown elephant, ladybug and giraffe from Lambs and Ivy’s wall decor selection are wonderful for inspiring visual interest in a developing youngster. Visually, they are quite simple enough, comprised of 3 hanging pieces in a color scheme of pink, dark brown, white and camel, which stays in line with with the Emma Collection’s color scheme. They are quite easy to mount using a metal hook in back of every wall hanging. This is excellent if you currently have a room filled with other kid’s items from Lambs and Ivy.

One more quick and easy way of adding visual interest to a baby girl’s room is with the addition of wall art. Though one might choose to use wall decals that can take up an entire wall, these might be very tough to remove later on, even damaging the paint underneath should your daughter ever grow tired of them. Utilizing easily mountable wall art is a much better option, and Lambs and Ivy makes some in familiar figures that your youngster will definitely grow to recognize and love. The Hello Kitty & Friends Wall Decor is a great example with which one can easily connect them to any wall in the room and instantly brighten up the space with these iconic figures. This particular set comes in 3 pieces, the Hello Kitty wall hanging itself, as well as two others in the form of butterfly companions to the treasured kitty.

One of the best ways that you can possibly add instant character and visual to a child’s room is by adding border art. Lambs and Ivy makes an easy to apply wall border featuring a trio of lovable zoo animals that your youngster will certainly love. The contemporary color scheme makes it easy to pair this with any current decor that the space currently has and once your kid has outgrown this, which won’t be for a long time of course, the border can quickly be stripped and taken off without harming the wall’s paint underneath. The wallpaper border is pre-pasted for quick application and can even be cared for every now and then with a swift wiping over from a moist cloth. As with most of the items in the classic Emma Line, everything is made to mix well with others of its kind, or even other ordinary pieces of decor.


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