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PostHeaderIcon The Real Score about Infertility Statistics

Infertility cases in the country had been always on the rise since anybody can remember. But why does it still appear insignificant to people? It’s plainly incredible how a large number of people are not capable to produce their own offspring. As barren as the desert some would say. Nevertheless, the issue on infertility is a serious matter and it has been one of the major reasons for a large number of couples who divorce.

Infertility statistics in the country is often just a compilation of reported cases mainly composed of those people brave enough to face the awful truth of being infertile. A big part of this statistics is made up of women as men find it difficult to accept and be vindicated by the sad fact that they can’t produce their own offspring. It’s such a big blow to their male ego, or so we think.

By further studying infertility statistics in the country, many of the causes are found to be un-natural and simply not congenital. Infertility statistics identify sexually transmitted diseases as a big piece of the infertility pie, averaging about 25% of the reported infertile cases. And despite the dominant number of females getting the sad diagnosis of infertility, about 30% to 40% of the reported infertility cases are males. Whew! This surely shows the number of males who are indifferent towards getting themselves checked for having infertility concerns.

As a nationwide infertility statistics had revealed, it has been known that 6.1 million Americans (of the reproducing age) have the depressing condition Such a big number would mean that maybe your best friend or that office buddy of yours may have the condition or even yourself belongs to the unknown numbers who have not yet found out or checked their fertility status.

So are you already scared with this infertility statistics? Despite the condition’s depressing aspect, there still exist a lot of alternative options that infertile couples may avail of, so they can still experience the joy of having an offspring of their own.


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