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PostHeaderIcon Things To Consider When Choosing A Breast Pump

A lot of working mothers who choose to breastfeed their little one rely on breast pumps simply because it can make breastfeeding truly convenient. Selecting the appropriate breast pump is then essential, but it has to be suited to a woman’s different needs. With several types of breast pumps commercially available, a woman must look at her way of life so she can choose the right breast pump.

If you intend to stay with the infant most of the time, you may only need a basic hand pump to express milk. You basically have to squeeze the handle to manually expel milk. An electric pump may be necessary if you want to go back to work, or if there will be circumstances when you need to be away from the little one for a couple of hours. Even though electric pumps may be more expensive, it also does a better job in stimulating the breasts, that promotes ample milk supply. Even so, prepare for power outages or in the event that an outlet is not accessible. Rechargeable battery packs may be essential, or even a hand pump may be a good back-up option.

The total amount of time you need to commit on expressing milk should also be a determining aspect in choosing the suitable breast pump. It will approximately take 10 to 15 minutes to express milk per breast. If you feel that you don’t have that luxury of time, you may want to invest on double breast pumps. It can express milk simultaneously from both breasts, as a result cutting time spent on pumping in half. This is truly practical for working mothers who can’t spend so much time pumping while in the office. Taking into consideration the noise that a pump makes, may also be necessary if you need to do it discreetly.

With a lot of working mothers nowadays, it is such relief to have pumps that can suit your needs. If you need to travel a lot, or if you must take the pump to the office everyday, choose a lightweight model. Some pumps have carrying cases which are convenient for females on the go. It may even have an insulated area for milk storage.

Choosing the right breast pump is important simply because it may affect your resolve to continue breastfeeding. A particular breast pump may be comfortable and convenient for a woman, while it may not be the case for others. Choose a pump that is easy to clean and assemble. The components which come in contact with your skin need to be detachable to make cleaning easy. It may also be advisable that you choose a pump with an adjustable suction. Even some manual models make this possible by basically adjusting the position of the pump handle.

It is also equally essential to pay extra attention to the right size of the breast shields, that come with just about every pump. Be certain that it iscomfortable simply because it may lead to sore nipples. Before buying, inquire whether it is possible to change the breast shield with a different size or texture.

It is also vital to know that only FDA cleared, hospital breast pumps may be utilized by more than one person. It is certainly not smart to buy a used pump, especially if it will present health risks to you, and your child. Breast pumps which have not been disinfected effectively may hold infectious diseases such as HIV, or hepatitis. Thus, purchasing used pumps or borrowing used ones is not recommended.

Just before you head out to the store, it may be best to write down all the features you expect your ideal pump to have. Ask for help and if possible, take out the pump from the box so you can look at it closely. Most stores will not allow returns on used breast pumps for health reasons, and it is essential to choose the one that’s good for you.

The cost of breast pumps may vary depending on its features. Check your choices whether your health insurance coverage could cover the cost. If not, it remains a good investment in terms of making sure that your little one can get all the nutrients that he needs, even if you are away.

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