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PostHeaderIcon Things To Do If You’re Having Problems Conceiveing A Baby

If you’re trying to conceive, you need to know that there is a definitive time limit after which it can be said that a couple may be having problems conceiving a child. That time limit depends wholly on your age. If a woman is younger than 35, it could take up to 12 months of regular, contraceptive-free intercourse to become pregnant, while for women over 35, that time limit is 6 months of trying under the same circumstances. In both cases, in order to maximize the chances for successful conception, intercourse should occur during the time of ovulation, which is typically, but not always, around the 14th day of a woman’s monthly cycle.

Some couples have never managed to conceive and that is called primary infertility. For those who have conceived previously at some point in time—regardless of what the outcome was—being unable to get pregnant again is referred to as secondary infertility.

If you are worried that you have a problem conceiving, you should do whatever you can to solve your issue(s), it if at all possible. Even if you are nervous and anxious about prophylactic procedures and possible treatments, trying whatever you can may be the only way to conceive.

One specialist who is able to help you is a gynecologist. As part of an initial work up, they will typically check hormone levels in your blood, do a Pap smear, and do a manual examination. Additional testing may also be necessitated and they may do an ultrasound of your reproductive organs. Also, your partner’s semen should be checked to make sure there are no complications on his side. This first line of tests your doctor ordersshould hopefully provide the information needed to find out specific reasons for the infertility problem and then treat it accordingly.

In 10 percent of all couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant, both partners have a problem or medical issue that prevents them from conceiving. Usually, in one-third of cases medical causes are found in the female and in two-thirds of cases, it’s diagnosed in the male. This is one reason why it’s crucial to get checked comprehensively. At the same time, despite all the testing in the world, a diagnosis of‘unexplained infertility’ is rather common.

And while trouble getting pregnant is a common occurrence, learning more about the experiences of people who have successfully beaten infertility are truly encouraging. You can find 1000s, if not more, of their stories in internet blogs and forums.

There are many things that you can do on your own to prepare your body and your relationship for a baby. These include: stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs, reduce the amount of caffeine you ingest, and also stop taking some medications that are known to contribute to infertility or that can damage a developing fetus. It is also critical to get as close to a healthy body mass weight as possible by eating a balanced, nutritional diet. Dropping just 5 percent of your body mass if you are overweight will bring about many health benefits—one of which is a greater chance to get and stay pregnant!

Getting enough sleep, practicing good hygiene, improving living conditions, and avoiding stress and/ or using stress management techniques also can be of tremendous help. Some people have very beneficial experiences with yoga and acupuncture. Taking folic acid regularly is also highly recommended, usually beginning four months prior to conception and then during pregnancy in a dosage of 400 micrograms daily. Some herbs have been shown to have good effects on fertility and are even believed to be real fertility boosters, such as Peruvian Maca. The main point is to try—and if you try, you shall possibly succeed.

Natural methods of conception is the best and safest way to get pregnant. If you want to learn more about fertility diets and if acupuncture for pregnancy can help you conceive a baby, kindly visit


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