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PostHeaderIcon What is Doula? Is it essential when providing birth?

Given birth is a stressful time, it is hard to know if you’re making the right calls for your self and your baby. It is tough to sort thru all of the options and medical guidance given to you by doctors, family and friends to make the correct birth plan for you, it is even more tricky to stick to it.

This is where a Doula comes in. A Doula is a pregnancy and birth caregiver. It is not a new concept, in many cultures girls have a support person, typically a friend or well informed and experienced woman. They supply support to a lady and her family before, during and following childbirth. A Doula is a support person who helps mummies and couples to make decisions and supply balanced information. She’ll also liase with birthing centres, infirmaries, and hospital personnel to guarantee couples get the birth care they require. A Doula isn’t a professional medic though they have coaching and experience with childbirth.

There are 2 types of Doulas : Birth Doulas and Post-Natal Doulas. While many Doulas provide both services it is important to enquire with your Doulas and see if she provides both. A Birth Doulas predominantly deals with creating a birthing plan and preparing mas and couple for the birth. She’ll help during labour in a support role.

A Post-Natal Doula helps the mother return to the home after the birth. She could be a source of support and information for a new ma. A Post-Natal Doula can help with breastfeeding support and assist new mums to prepare for life after the arrival of their kid.

A Doula helps to keep a pair calm and lend a hand in a stressful time. Usually a Doula will not perform any medical tasks, unless she is also trained as a midwife or nurse. Generally a Doula does not check blood pressure, heart rates of the mum or baby, or do vaginal examinations. When choosing a Doula you need to debate any additional skills she has before enlisting her services.

So why pay a woman you don’t know to support you thru your birth? Isn’t that the role of your better half and family? Well studies indicate that girls who have a Doula are fifty percent less likely to have a caesarean sections and it’s 40 percent less certain the forceps will be used. There is a 30 percent in the utilisation of pain relief medication during birth by women who employ a Doula and a 25% decrease in labour length.

As Doulas are getting more common many birthing centres, hospitals, doctors and midwives are becoming ok with their use. Doulas don’t replace any of the present medical team and therefore there is rarely an issue with having a Doula at a standard surgery birth. A Doula is simply added support to be sure the wishes of the couple or mother are regarded as.






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