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PostHeaderIcon 3 Things I’m Grateful My Parents Made Me To

As grown ups, we acknowledge that difficult experiences make us stronger, better people. The same thing stands to when we are children, but we don’t realize it at that time. When we’re kids, the standard feeling is “If I don’t take pleasure in it, it’s not good for me!” and we kick and scream to get our way out of things our parents try to make us do. Honestly, I’m glad that no matter how much I kicked or loud I screamed, my parents didn’t let me get out of these activities:


I just wanted to go to the beach volleyball camp the rest of my pals were attending throughout summer time. I wanted the chance to eat a lot more sweets and French fries, “weekend food”, since summer was simply an extended weekend. The last thing I wished to do was be jetted away from everything I knew to a different nation. But that’s exactly what happened. Every summer my mother and father took my sister and I to a different country where we would rent a home for the month. I kicked and screamed at first, but just like at home, I got into my own rhythm there quickly, discovering the parks I liked, the candy shops I liked, and friends to play with. Today, I am comfortable around pretty much all types of people because of the experience, am considered for jobs by foreign businesses often simply because they like my cultured background, and have a very broad palate which enjoys each and every kind of food.

Singing classes:

While my buddies were playing sports, I was driven to a little cottage at a music academy which looked like a scene from a Jane Austen novel to learn singing techniques. It was stunning, serene, and buzzing with the “artsy sorts” who, when you are ten years old, are simply considered the weird kinds. Naturally today, I understand the “artsy kinds” are the types who go to NYU and make Oscar-Nominee movies or are in the opening band at the American Music Awards. So, while I didn’t learn how to become a singer or even how to improve my voice, I did learn how to recognize quality friends and individuals when I met them and not write them off merely because they were unique.

Eat veggies:

It sounds simple but, a lot of moms and dads finally give into their child’s cry for corn dogs and mac and cheese simply so that their kids will eat something. My parents held out. I wasn’t allowed up from the table until I ate my brussles sprouts, egg plant, summer squash or whatever it was that night. And, of course, at some point I did because I was starving. Today, I really like the stuff. And while a lot of of my friends battle with weight because their taste buds immediately tingle once they see “cheeseburger” on a menu and go dull when they see “Farmer’s Market Salad,” being healthy and keeping a good figure has never been an issue for me.


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