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PostHeaderIcon Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online?

Parents there are essential points to speak with the youngsters to remember as they are on the computer in home or at school:

  1. Let them understand to By no means pass out their personal information or images to anyone via social media, chat room, or on bulletin boards online without your acquiescence. Sadly, individuals of all age range are generally too revealing online. Youngsters may be especially susceptible.  When discussing personal information, like cell phone number or home addresses, personal thoughts and feelings, and photos. Remind them who may watch their facts online, to keep them from posting their personal pictures or thoughts online.
  2. Never write to another person which helps make him or her sense awkward, terrified, or uncomfortable feelings.
  3. Just because someone online says, that these folks are a 13-year-old boy or girl these folks may not be. Individuals online may lie on who these folks really are to get children to let straight down their guard.  Online predators do not fit any one stereotype; most apparently honest citizens have been caught inviting kids for sexual acts. Contrary to preferred belief, most online predators are not pedophiles. Online predators normally target adolescents who engross in dangerous online behavior, while pedophiles target pre-pubescent youngsters.
  4. Implore your little ones to tell you quickly if they examine everything online which can make them sense frightened or uncomfortable.
  5. Never meet with any individual without authorization .

Everyday far more of our young children are falling prey to pedophilia although these folks are as a internet. Kid-Friendly Web Brower is a means to help reduce parents need to have to stand over their children while they are browsing the internet. We are determined to assist parents guard their children through our safe web browser for kids and monitoring software that assist in increasing internet safety. A free web browser download is on hand at

Keep the youngsters safe online with Kid-Friendly Web Browsing Computer


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