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PostHeaderIcon Are You For or Against a Bunk Bed?

In the arena of parenting guidance, no item of a little one’s bedroom furniture has brought on as much back-and-forth as the bunk bed. The subject of bunk beds and whether or not they are appropriate or even healthy for kids has raged on, with supporters arguing that they are very good for youngsters and detractors citing large lists of injuries each year related to young children sleeping on bunk beds. I’m not a father or mother, but I do beautify houses, and so in this war I must say I fall very firmly in the pro-bunk bed camp of this debate.

While some mothers and fathers may possibly decry this seemingly traitorous choice, the fact of the matter is that bunk beds are an undisguised blessing for properties with two children. The lofting of the beds takes up less area, and once one bed has been put on top of the other the alternatives for furniture placement in a room raise greatly. Moreover, the vertical height bunk beds offer signifies that you can use the bunk beds in resourceful ways: the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the edges of the bunk beds to match neatly into the room’s style or idea!

So if you are running into problems with space in bedrooms, consider that old staple: the bunk bed. It is a tried and true method of maximizing the use of a unique space when there’s not much of it, and it’s practically a guarantee that it will open new avenues of decor and design that you did not have just before, and your kids may really get a kick out of it! But you do not have to take my word on it, if you search around you’ll discover that most men and women truly adore bunk beds once they get one.


Guest Post Written By: Giovanni Rubenstein


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