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PostHeaderIcon I Can’t Get Pregnant Why?

Tracy is a virtually healthy woman. She is into a vegetable diet, is not into smoking and alcohol drinking, nor drugs, is physically active. In fact she is the epitome of what in the pink of health indicates. In spite of all these, you may still hear her saying: “I can’t get pregnant. Why?”

What could be more annoying than couples with the woman getting a regular menstrual cycle and both having regular purposeful sex, and who stays fit and follows a nutritious diet yet still not capable to fertilize the egg? Numerous couples face the same predicament and a lot also have been victorious in finding a way to “seal the deal” and conceive. You can go through the tips below on how to enhance your chances of getting pregnant. You might have missed on several of these and when it is not too late yet, you can still employ a few of the recommendations here and see if it works for you.

First off, try to glance back and see how long have you been at it trying consistently. It has to be a steady effort, no gaps, and if you or your companion travels every now and then, that is the first thing that you both will need to speak about. Under normal circumstances, about four out of five married couples have become successful after six incessant months of trying. On the other hand, 9 of ten women will be pregnant after a year of deliberate intercourse. Don’t forget that these sexual encounters must be timed according to the ovulation period of the woman. So if you haven’t reached this level, then keep on.

If you have been at it for more than 1 year and you nevertheless have no baby in the belly, then there is definitely something wrong and this will be the right occasion to consult a doctor who is an expert in pregnancy and family planning. One key issue is age; a woman who is thirty-five and beyond and a man who is 40 and above would have to exert more and wait longer for conception to occur. In an older woman, the egg cells quality and the rate of recurrence of ovulation are reduced. A woman can continue to be regularly ovulating however the quality of her egg cells is not exactly the same as before and it might not be good for fertilization and therefore not beneficial for conception.

You may also have some issues that may bring about fertility issues. An example of these could be diabetes and some problems in your thyroid. Another big cause for not getting pregnant is the presence of STDs. For a number of couples, the reason for infertility is actually difficult to trace and for them, a more complete form of examination is needed.

It may be unknown to you but stress is a common burden to couples who want to be with child. This stress is of two kinds the physical and mental forms and so for couples who wish to have a baby you have to be really serious about doing less work and destressing as often as possible.  There is more great information about home remedies for getting pregnant in this free video series.


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