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PostHeaderIcon Top 10 Reasons to Stop smoking While Pregnant – Learn Why You Should Stop smoking During Pregnancy

Need a very good reason to quit smoking during pregnancy? What about 10 of them? Smoking is probably the most dangerous things a pregnant woman can do to her baby. However, as they say, knowledge is power. Equipped with the knowledge of exactly how smoking is dangerous for your baby hopefully can help you grow your motivation to quit smoking during pregnancy.

Number 10: Now is the time to save a bit of cash. Infants are not inexpensive: diapers, clothes, food, formula, getting the nursery ready. It all adds up. The bucks you save from quitting smoking can help to neutralize these expenses.

Number 9: Just what will the other mothers think? Now I am not the kind to care what other individuals think too much but there is a huge stigma linked with smoking cigarettes during pregnancy. In case you are pregnant and smoking you are most likely closet smoking at this point simply because, honestly, you are scared of what others may think. Give up smoking to ease yourself of the headache.

Number 8: Minimize the risk of your baby having colic. Recent studies demonstrate that newborns of women who smoke cigarettes possess a greater potential for being colicky. Stop smoking right now and raise your chances of having a more happy baby.

Number 7: Cigarette smoke is equally as bad for your infant after it is born. Quit Smoking during pregnancy and you will decrease the issues it can cause your baby after you deliver your child.

Number 6: Lower chances of respiratory infections in your child. If you smoke cigarettes during pregnancy and subject your baby to second hand smoke once they are born you can increase their probability of getting asthma or other respiratory infections.

Number 5: Prevent placenta abruption. The placenta of women who smoke tends to be thinner. This may lead to a condition in which the placenta draws away from the wall structure of the womb necessitating an immediate delivery, usually cesarean.

Number 4: Prevent the risk of reduced birth rate. Birth weight is a very important factor in the wellbeing of your baby. Smoking raises the probability of your baby being affected by low birth weight, one of the greatest reasons babies become ill.

Number 3: Lessen the probability of Preterm Labor. Smoking when pregnant increases your chances of delivering prematurily. Babies who are born premature could suffer from numerous complications, even death.

Number 2: Smoking can result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Studies show that infants born to ladies who smoke both throughout and after pregnancy have a higher chance to die from SIDS.

Number 1: Both you and your baby deserve to have the very best opportunity at a healthy and happy life! Whenever you combine smoking and pregnancy this is just not possible.

Any of the above reasons make it a no-brainer to end smoking and pregnancy. Hopefully the mixture of all of them will completely convince you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have to quit smoking during pregnancy.


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